Website Traffic Generation using ‘traditional’ media.

By | April 26, 2012

Website Traffic Generation using ‘traditional’ media.

Jeremy Nelson-Smith The Internet SpecialistThe take out of this blog is: don’t forget to consider ‘traditional’ media when planning your website promotion campaigns.

If you want your website to deliver revenue into your business then it must attract increasing numbers of quality traffic, i.e. visitors (quality visitors are those who are more likely to do something positive when they land on one of your pages: but something, sign up for something, download or watch something or contact you via email or phone).

Attracting quality traffic can be done, of course, via many different channels, some of them online (e.g. Google AdWords and other forms of online advertising) and some of them offline. Getting the most effective and cost-efficient balance between online and offline marketing channels is a challenge that all businesses face.

Here are two examples of using ‘traditional’ advertising, in this case posters on the London Underground to promote online-only brands (i.e. they do not have physical shops or retail premises).

The first example (you can see why this captured my interest when travelling on the Northern Line) isa poster for the men and women’s clothing brand

Photo of









The second poster is for the giant web hosting, domain name registration and website builder


.Advertisement for GoDaddy








The purpose of both these posters is a) to build brand recognition and b) to drive traffic directly to a website.

So, take note: using ‘traditional’ media can work very effectively to both build your brand and drive traffic to your web pages.

Jeremy Nelson-Smith, Internet Marketing Expert.