Do you want more website visitors, more buyers and new business leads, and more revenue coming into your business?

If you do not want the above chances are you’re on the wrong website.

However, if you do, then I can help you. Read some of the testimonials on the right of this page and you’ll see the wide variety of businesses I work with – most of them have been clients of mine for years.

Whatever kind of business you have, whether it’s professional services or retail, online only, bricks and mortar only, or both, I can help you get more quality visitors, convert more of them into new business leads or buyers and ultimately increase the revenue coming into your business.

So, if you want to get higher quality business leads or a slice of the explosive growth in online shopping and accessing local products and services via tablets and mobile devices, talk to me about how I can help you.

JNS Clipper1 Aug 2014_1I’m Jeremy Nelson-Smith, an Internet Marketing expert  specialising in helping businesses of all sizes to increase the revenue they generate from their websites and online marketing.

Whether your business is a mature operation of many years standing or a start-up, international, national or local, I can help you get better results from your internet marketing: more quality visitors, more sales, and more conversions to new customers or client leads.

Your website will get…

  • Better search engine rankings
  • More quality traffic
  • More conversions to paying customers and client leads

And your site will deliver more revenue into your business.

And what’s more, it will continue to do so, as every element of the site is constantly refined and improved.

I do this by providing businesses with:

seo4Better visibility on Google via intelligent SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): Your site needs visitors, so make sure it rises to the top of the Google search engine results. Google changed the SEO ballgame significantly in 2013 with major algorithm updates and has continued with many further updates in its ongoing quest to remove as much website-owner ‘manipulation’ as possible from what influences search results. If you want to outperform your competitors and get those all important top ranking positions you need to fully understand how to ‘Think like Google’. Want advice? Just contact me.

ppc2Lots of quality website traffic via very carefully targeted PPC campaigns (Pay Per Click): Pay Per Click advertising (e.g. Google AdWords or Bing Ads) allows you to make sure your text, shopping, display or video ads are seen by your ideal potential clients or customers, that’s to say those who are more likely than most to buy your products and services. Whilst PPC is not right for every business, I can help you decide whether it’s right for you and, if it is, get the most out of it; just call me to discuss.

ga3Insight into your website visitors’ behaviour by analysing only the data you actually need from Google Analytics: It’s very important to constantly test and improve every aspect of your website.  Few companies exploit the full potential of web analytics. I can show you how to make best use of Google Analytics by looking at the right data, analysing your website performance and making informed decisions about how to consistently improve it.

ga5Increased Website Performance: a consistent revenue increase from your online marketing by using my highly effective Web Performance Management system: After many years of working with both large companies and SMEs I have developed the WPM system, which is specifically designed to help companies of any size manage and improve their website performance in the medium to long term.


Business Videos to promote your products / services on YouTube, Google+, Facebook and your website pages: if you’re not already using video on your website and across video broadcast and social media channels then please consider doing so – video can have a seriously beneficial effect on your visibility across the key marketing channels on the Web, including, of course, Google search rankings.

With my help, your website will be one of your most important and powerful business tools, attracting more visitors, producing more new business leads and ultimately delivering more revenue into your business.

Wishing you every success,

Jeremy Nelson-Smith

P.S. For an initial chat about your online marketing challenges please just call me on:

Tel: 00 44 (0)7530 151433.