A unique perspective on helping companies maximise their website revenue.

Jeremy Nelson-Smith, The Internet SpecialistBig business, small business

I’ve spent many years working at senior level in internet marketing for both large corporations and SMEs.

Companies I’ve worked with include both large corporations like BT, Oracle, Shell and Simplyhealth Group and small to medium sized businesses like Postlethwaite Solicitors, Forest Care and Total Reward Group. I work with clients from many industry sectors, including legal, IT, online retail, recruitment and business services.

A unique perspective

This experience provides me with a unique perspective on online business that few consultants can match. I understand the intricacies and disciplines of working with large corporations, but at the same time I know exactly how small and medium-sized businesses can get the results they want. I offer my clients the best of both worlds: the large-scale thinking of the corporations, coupled with the creativity, flexibility and rapid decision-making of small business.

100% client-focused

Everything I do remains 100% client-focused, as I learnt a long time ago that no two businesses are the same. Each client requires a fresh, personalised approach. I firmly believe in getting ‘the most from least’: economic solutions that get the results you want, without unnecessary time, effort or money being pumped into them.

Please call me today on 00 44 (0)7530 151433 to talk more about how I can help you maximise your online revenue.