The Rise and Rise of the Smartphone

By | February 17, 2012

The Rise and Rise of the Smartphone. An interesting question for anyone involved in Internet Marketing: How best to connect with customers using smartphones?

Jeremy Nelson-Smith, The Internet SpecialistA short article in the February 16th Metro that mentions recent survey data from Cisco Systems, the computer networking company, should be a clear indication to both internet marketing consultants and business owners (who depend more on internet marketing to drive sales), that the world of mobile is one that must seriously be addressed in terms of ensuring that the demands of consumers are met.

According to Cisco mobile devices will outnumber the world’s population in just four years; by 2016 there will be more than 10 billion devices that connect to the internet.

About 90 per ent of mobile data will be viewed via smartphones, laptops and portable gadgets Cisco say. The computer networking giant predicts that mobile data traffic will grow by almost 80 percent a year.

All of this has major implications for anyone who is involved in marketing products and services on the internet.

Asking how best to connect and service the requirements of both existing and potential customers who use smartphones is one that should be uppermost in the minds of business owners and their advisors right now.

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Jeremy Nelson-Smith, Internet Marketing Consultant.