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By | December 5, 2011

Jeremy Nelson SmithLead conversion fundamentals – maximise visitor engagement and response

Attracting quality visitors to your web pages is hard work which takes time and money. It makes sense therefore to ensure that your visitors are as engaged as possible when they land on your site.


1. Make sure your content loads quickly so visitors don’t have to spend time waiting for it to appear, particularly images and videos. Note: Google now takes page load time into account as part of its ranking algorythm.

2. Have a clear call to action on as many pages of your site as possible, even if it’s just a ‘Call us now!’ button. Note: it’s amazing how many web sites I still see where you really have to hunt around for the contact phone number, or go to a Contact Us page to find it. Put your phone and email contact details on every page!

3. Give your visitors a compelling reason to respond to your call(s) to action. Think what it would take for you, as a visitor to your own site, to respond to your own call to action, then apply that.

4. Update your content and even your page layouts regularly. Your website is your shop window. Do Harrods or Selfridges leave their shop windows the same day after day, month after month? No, they most certainly don’t! They respond rapidly to marketplace changes and trends and dress their windows accordingly. You can apply that thinking to your main landing pages (not just your Home page).

Hope you found the above useful.

Wishing you all the best with your business.


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