Blogging for SEO: 3 more Top Tips for Powering your Google visibility

By | May 23, 2013

Blogging for SEO: 3 more Top Tips for Powering your Google visibility

By Jeremy Nelson-Smith, Internet Marketing Expert

Jeremy Nelson-Smith The Internet Specialist

The more visible your blog posts are both on your own web pages and other internet sites the more effective they will be in raising your Google profile via higher and more numerous natural / organic / unpaid rankings. And the higher your profile on Google the more likely you are to get increasing numbers of interested visitors coming to your site.

In my first blog on this topic my first three Top Tips were:

  • Choose blog topics that your target audience is genuinely interested in and want to read!
  • Choose blog topics that match what people are searching for on Google right now.
  • Use the right keywords, in the right places in your blog

Here are three more Top Tips for effectively using your blog posts to raise your visibility on Google:

1.      ‘Syndicate’ your blog content on social networking sites

Your blog content itself or links to it should be appearing on your social networking sites as soon as its published on your own website – in particular Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ are all sites that can multiply your internet visibility and reach many times over.  If you haven’t investigated Google+ yet then make it a priority as Google is beginning to factor Google+ content into its search results.

2.      Use Google+ Authorship to make sure you are published as a Google ‘verified’ author

After doing this your content will stand a much better chance of being shown with your profile image (make sure you have one on your Google+ profile) and name as part of the search result – in time this will begin to establish you as an authoritative source of good valuable content.

3.      Use photos, info graphics and video content in your blogs wherever possible

Words will almost certainly form the basis for the majority of your blog content. However, you should try to add variety and interest to your blog posts by using images, videos and info graphics wherever they genuinely add value; and not only will it interest your readers it will also add ranking value to your blogs as Google loves this kind of content.

Remember one thing when writing your blog content: however much you want to increase your Google visibility via higher search rankings for your blog posts, your content should first and foremost be written for the benefit of your audience. If you do that and focus on topics that are current, relevant and above all what your audience is looking for then you won’t go far wrong, and in time Google will reward you!